Combination Pricing

  • Combination pricing allows items with different sizes and thicknesses to be combined for a volume discount
  • Not all products are eligible for combination pricing
  • Combination pricing discounts will automatically be reflected online once you place your items in your shopping cart

Sample order:
2 Cases 5 x 6" 2 MIL Lay Flat Poly Bags #56671
3 Cases 5 x 8" 2 MIL Lay Flat Poly Bags #56673
5 Cases 4 x 8" 3 MIL Lay Flat Poly Bags #57448
Total = 10 Cases(you will receive our 10-24 case price discount)


All items with the same color graphic are eligible for the combination pricing. Here are the products that are eligible for combination savings:

Premium Reclosable Bags
Reclosable Premium Color Line Poly Bags - Currently Discontinued
Reclosable Premium Red Line Poly Bags with White Block - Currently Discontinued
Low-density Poly Trash Liners - Clear and Black
High-density Poly Trash Liners - Clear and Black
Coex Supertuff Bags with Microban® - 3-ply